MONITORINGA CENTRS provides 24 h surveillance and administration of corporate telecommunications networks, as well as Internet networks. 

MONITORINGA CENTRS is the only company in Baltic specialized in surveillance, maintenance and administration of corporate telecommunications networks. To provide customers with the most professional service in 24h surveillance, maintenance and administration of networks, MONITORINGA CENTRS continuously invests in personnel training and increasing efficiency of its internal processes.  

The services of MONITORINGA CENTRS are provided by one of the most proficient data network expert teams in Baltic, with more than 8-year of experience in designing, developing, maintaining and administrating the Internet network of Latnet, management and troubleshooting of its backbone network and customers’ premises equipment, as well as providing technical support to customers. The company is following the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system. 

MONITORINGA CENTRS as a company was established on the basis of business process optimisation and management consulting services provided by Corporate solutions to SIA Latnet Serviss, one of the major Internet service providers in Latvia. To ensure the improvement of telecommunications network management in Latnet Serviss, in the middle of 2007 a separate company was established, which took over form Latnet Serviss, apart from human and technological resources, also the surveillance, maintenance and administration of Latnet Internet network. 

In co-operation with Corporate Solutions MONITORINGA CENTRS have participated in several networks’ audit and technical consultancy projects conducted in companies belonging to financial and insurance sector, as well as in state government authorities. Currently MONITORINGA CENTRS’s provides networks surveillance, maintenance and administration services to:

- SIA Latnet Serviss (ISP network with above 1700 connections)
SIA Globalcom (global IP transit network)
Corporate Solutions corporate and business customers, including two Latvian commercial banks